I’m divorced. Now what?

After your divorce is finalized, there are several issues you should consider:

1. Estate Planning & Disability Planning – Contact a licensed attorney to update your estate planning documents and your disability documents. If you have already had these documents prepared, this is an important time to review your choices, especially your medical designations and, if you have minor children, your guardianship designations. If you have never had these documents prepared, as a single person, it is especially important for you to think through these issues.

2. Child Support – If you have minor children, make sure that your child support account is set up with the State Disbursement Unit. This is important whether you are the party receiving child support or the party paying child support.

3. Health Insurance – If your health insurance has been terminated as a result of the divorce, you’ll need to make arrangements to obtain your own policy. If you have been ordered to obtain a health insurance policy for your minor children, your divorce decree likely has a time limit for you to accomplish this, so be diligent.

4. Visitation with Minor Children – Get familiar with your new visitation schedule. If you have questions about the language in your decree, contact your attorney to resolve those questions. It’s important that everyone is on the same page. Confusion for the adults will only lead to confusion for the children, which should be avoided at every opportunity.

5. Name Change – If you requested and were granted a name change in your final decree, get your documents in order to have your name officially changed. You will likely need a certified copy of your divorce decree in order to receive new identification cards. Start with your social security card before going to get a new driver’s license.