What are filing fees? How much should I expect to spend on them?

Filing fees are fees charged by the county where your lawsuit is filed. They’re utilized by the courts to help pay expenses. When any pleading is ¬†filed in a lawsuit, a filing fee may be due. The types of pleadings that require a filing fee and the amount of the filing fee vary from county to county. A list of the types of pleadings that require a fee and the amount of each fee can usually be found on the court clerk’s website.

The highest filing fees are typically associated with the initial filing of a lawsuit by the plaintiff or petitioner. Depending on the type of suit filed, filing fees currently hover around $250.00 to initiate the suit.

It’s difficult to determine in advance the amount you might expect to budget towards filing fees. In general, the longer your suit is pending and active, the more you will incur in filing fees. This is because lengthy lawsuits typically involve more pleadings being filed with the court than suits that are resolved quickly.